Chinese Palace Restaurant welcomes you with pleasure in its’ interior!
Experienced chefs specialize in regional cuisine from Sichuan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, creating an unforgettable taste experience.

We specifically recommend you to try house specialties : CHINESE found – HOT POT ,authentic Peking duck, pork Hui Guo, Sichuan Beef, , Chou Mien noodles, and Kou Siu chicken.
In the restaurant elegant interior we serve meals not only for individual guests, but also organize business meetings, conference and other occasional events (also in Polish style on guests’ request). The main part of the restaurant is equipped with a grill where the Chinese chef cooks dishes in the presence of customers.

We offer VIP ROOM on the ground floor and first floor, which ensures privacy for 15, 30 or 50 people  and for lovers of fun , we offer karaoke rooms.

Nice and warm atmosphere is created especially by the design of the restaurant which is filled with culture from the Far East region and by the professional and helpful staff.

The restaurant is air-conditioned, convenience is the large free car park outside the restaurant and WI-FI.

We welcome you with pleasure!


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